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I woke up in Daly City and took many many deep breaths
To push out the anesthetics
I asked my anesthesiologist what she had given me
I couldn’t remember if fentanyl was one of the many drugs that killed Tom Petty

Then I played guitar most of the day in my spare room
It felt good, like I was having a productive March afternoon
Turns out it’s possible to get a lot of stuff done
If you’re a guy on hydrocodone

I got out of the car and we watched "The Book of Mormon" at 2pm
Because the South Park Guys wrote some jokes ten years ago about blondes and Joseph Smith
The tickets were exactly two hundred bucks
The usher volunteer reached out and without asking grabbed my crutch

The orchestra really nailed it
and the costumes were really on point
But I was very very thirsty
And I couldn’t get up to get a drink

Sometimes I feel invisible
Lately my head is a dirigible
floating off down
towards the water breaking on the west coast

Yeah, being on pills is a bummer
I hate the rain and can’t wait for summer
My head’s in the clouds, my eyes are gazing over across the hills again
And missing sunset after sunset

Now I’m looking at bathroom remodeling stuff and
worrying about soundproofing a building with 1898 construction
And yeah I’m excited for my new grocery store
to be Casa Lucas

I am so happy to be where I am, I think back to when I had nothing
I was struggling to get an education
While everyone else was putting partying first
I was sitting inside playing my 1994 Fender Stratocaster in Sunburst

If you’ve been where I am now, mostly couch-bound
invite your friends over
Eat some good food
And spend time with one another

This world can be a hard place
And it can be a beautiful place
And certain days feel be killers
Just pull out a guitar and write a song, even if it’s just for filler


from Sunburst, released November 2, 2018
Kevin Dickerson - Words, vocals, parlor guitar, electric guitar, Portuguese guitar
Sami Perez - Rickenbacker electric bass guitar, drum machine

Written by Kevin Dickerson
Engineered by Sami Perez
Produced by Kevin Dickerson
Recorded at Tiny Telephone, San Francisco
Mastered by Jacob Winik
Album Art by Kevin Dickerson


all rights reserved



Kevin Dickerson San Francisco, California

Kevin Dickerson is a singer-songwriter who lives in San Francisco. His latest full-length album is called "Ginger Grapefruit."

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Photo: Kristin Cofer

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