Everyone's Okay

by Kevin Dickerson

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    releases July 7, 2017

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Natural Light
Maybe We'll Get Lucky and We'll Both Live Again
Good Morning Beautiful City
Miami Sound Machine
We Are All Connected
A Few Days Ago
Older Man on a Stretcher
My Mother's Oncologist Was Indicted for Tax Evasion


Kevin would like to send special thanks to John Vanderslice and Beau Sorenson for making this album putting so much care into Tiny Telephone.

Even more special thanks to everyone who played on this album: Beau Sorenson (Beaunoise), Cherilyn MacNeil (Dear Reader) for courteously playing piano on an Owen Ashworth song she'd never heard after listening to me hum it for a few seconds, Jeff Sauer for courteously playing drums after imitating a drum machine with my voice, Avinash Mittur for playing drums on several (non-metal!) tracks, and Jessica Bean for playing clarinet, flute, and saxophone.

Kevin would like to thank Gary, Fernando, Ryan and Tim at Gary Brawer Guitar Repair for setting up my guitars, and for sharing your expertise and advice for dealing with my never-ending impulse to change string gauges, tensions, and tunings.

Everyone's Okay was written and recorded mostly spontaneously in Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and Oakland with Beau Sorenson (Beaunoise) from December 2015 through December 2016.

Tinderbox was written and recorded in the hours following the deadly Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, California.


releases July 7, 2017

Recorded and mixed to 2" tape by Beau Sorenson at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and Oakland
Produced by Beau Sorenson and Kevin Dickerson
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service

Beau Sorenson (Beaunoise): producer, engineer, drums, tape loops, drum machines, synthesizers including but not limited to RMI Lark, Moog Source, Moog Mono/Poly, Prophet 5, Eventide H949, Buchla Music Easel, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Korg KR 55, etc. See individual track credits.
Avinash Mittur: Drums on "Moving Stories," and "Good Morning Beautiful City"
Jeff Sauer: Drums on "Trisha Please Come Home"
Cherilyn Macneil: Story and Clark Chicago upright piano on "Trisha Please Come Home"
Jessica Bean: Flute, saxophone, clarinet on "Miami Sound Machine" and "We Are All Connected"
Kevin Dickerson: Words, vocals, electric guitars, baritone guitar, electric bass guitars, acoustic guitars, tenor guitar, Nashville guitar, Spanish guitar, vibrophone, marimba, percussion

All songs by Kevin Dickerson except "Trisha Please Come Home," by Owen Ashworth, "Natural Light," by Owen Ashworth, and "Unfucktheworld," by Angel Olsen

Cover photo by Kevin Dickerson
Design by Kevin Dickerson



all rights reserved


Kevin Dickerson San Francisco, California

Kevin Dickerson is a songwriter who lives in San Francisco.

Photo: Courtesy of Paige K Parsons @paigekparsons. Pictured: Kevin Dickerson (right) and Beau Sorenson (Beaunoise), June 2017

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Track Name: Everyone's Okay
I called my dentist and made an appointment for a chipped tooth
After a wedding in Tahoe, I think it was maybe from the farro or the roasted mushrooms
There’s something magical about the mountain air up there
I didn’t know the bride’s friends very well but I left an impression on all the parents
Any time you get a bunch of 30-something single white women in the same room
Who’ve known each other almost their whole lives it’s gonna be hard to punch through
The thick barrier of brunches, bloody Marys and sparkling white wine
And hey that’s their thing and I think that’s just fine

And we talked about buying
a house over there
But I got enough going on

Like, I’m at Tiny Telephone right now
and I’d like to finish up
a couple more songs

Everybody’s talking
Talk talk talk
Everybody’s sipping
Sip sip sip

I stayed close to my girlfriend who maybe felt a little differently
Shaking my head, don’t single her out because of her ethnicity
Like all the middle aged aunts and uncles bringing up their big trip to Pakistan
Or the Berkeley folks like, “I love biryani, what’s that good place called with all the different naan”
But I had a great time, and I appreciate all the work they put into it
Those two have a great thing going on and we relaxed back by the fire pit
At the River Grill, listening to all the classics while the girls were sippin’ and flockin’
Like Harvest Moon and Harry Nilsson’s Everybody’s Talkin’

And we talked about Neil Young and music from the past
all night long
all night long

I turn thirty-five in a few days
and I gotta take care
of this chip in my tooth on Monday

A chip in my tooth
A chip in my tooth
A chip in my tooth
A chip in my tooth

Just as I finished up an overdue haircut at Joe’s Barbershop
In a rare event my phone rang, it was my dad calling me up
My phone’s display reminded me I still haven’t taken my mom’s name off the caller ID
My dad wanted to let me know he was shipping her Gibson Ripper bass from the mid-70s to me

Due to a hack job repair, involving a metal washer, that bass has electrocuted me several times over the years
Voivod played Slim’s this spring, and Jason Newstead showed up playing an identical bass during a surprise encore appearance
My dad had to run and get a few hundred gallons of fuel for his new place to last through the winter
And now I’m planning another stop by Gary Brawer to check the Ripper’s neck, and I’m sure some other repairs will be in order

And we talked about my dad’s friend Gene
who lives down in Maine
They’ve been friends since high school and I don’t even know how long that’s been
And my dad told me there’s no more news today
And everyone’s doing okay
And although I was afraid to bring it up, I hope that since my Dad didn’t say anything, that Gene’s recovering pretty good from his stroke

Everyone’s okay
Everyone’s okay
Everyone’s doing okay
Everyone’s doing okay
Track Name: Trisha Please Come Home
You don't call me ever on the phone
Am I supposed to listen to Thin Lizzy
and get high on my own
I went by the restaurant
Becky said
you don't work there anymore
She said one guy too many made a pass at you
and you walked out the door

You dropped your apron in the parking lot
and never came back for your last paycheck

I don't see you ever at the bar
I'm always on the lookout
for your busted ass Windstar
Your name's off your buzzer
There's no welcome mat
sitting outside your door
Your neighbor said the landlord raised the rent so you
wouldn't pay it anymore

You cleared the whole place out in a single night
and you were up and gone before it was light

You used to get so mad
I couldn't take you serious
I'd make one stupid joke
and you'd act furious
You even warned me once
that you'd get out somehow
I guess you're somewhere laughing now

Wild one wild one where'd you go
Wild one wild one where'd you go

Trisha please come home
Track Name: Tinderbox
For whatever reason last night I woke up unsettled at five AM
Dimmed the screen on my phone and read the headlines coming in
A "warehouse" fire in Fruitvale, the deadliest in America in a decade
The Ghost Ship was a fiery cage as it went down in flames

First nine then ten, twenty-four, and now thirty-six confirmed inside
The search was ongoing Saturday night, the body count was rising
They don’t suspect arson, said the fire chief
and it’s not a crime scene, said the OPD

There are friends and relatives pouring over building code regulations
Trying to find meaning, searching for explanations

If you’ve never lost a loved one, if you’ve never paid for a burial or cremation
There’s a clock that’s ticking, while you click on Facebook invitations

The East Bay arts and music scene influencers with party outfits and color-streaked hair
were looking for cheap freedom and just wanted to dance in a building that didn’t have sprinklers or stairs

Youth... the disenfranchised... paid a promoter looking for a good percentage of the door
to get into a fire trap cooler than Uptown’s "expensive," "pretentious," "unaffordable"

“Why do you Americans build your houses out of matchsticks?"
my British roommate asked in 2003, jokingly
I said you have a point and we laughed and we talked about how much we both loved David Bowie

I drove to Santa Cruz to the Play it Again Sports parking lot
to pick up an old amplifier that I bought

This dusty amplifier’s almost three times older than some of the victims and it’s just an object
and at a stop light I almost cried thinking of the burning Ghost Ship

I visited the burn ward at a hospital in Anchorage
and I saw third-degree domestic violence burn victims completely covered in sickly pink-and-white bandages

It was a scare tactic after getting busted for drinking half a beer in my dorm room
I was breathalyzed by my future landlord and I was twenty-two when I got to the courtroom

And I could tell the nurse was like, "you’re doing fine"

But I remember that experience and I know there are scars that will never heal on the inside

I just recorded a song about a friend’s suicide and another about a fatal traffic accident

Even if the flames and smoke didn’t touch them, everyone in the city I love, Oakland, will remain traumatized by this preventable event

My heart goes out to the victims
My heart goes out to the families of those affected
My heart goes out to the crew who saw the devastation
My heart goes out to those who suffered from the indifference of that fire
Track Name: Moving Stories
I sold an old Fender amp to a young skater kid
He played it with my guitar, he wasn't that good
But hauled it away for a hundred bucks
I held the door for him and wished him good luck

walked up the street to get some x-rays
Took the CD from the nurse, got a salad at Jane
Waited around for an hour or so
To find out what’s next with the plate in my elbow

“The doctor will see you as soon as he is able”
I noticed a book, “Moving Stories,” on the coffee table

I had something downtown so I took a bus
After waiting outside for the fucking 31
a beautiful day under a beautiful sun
I thought about Prince and everything he's done

Sat down for a drink at Market and Hyde
Where people were talking about “When Doves Cry”
It got me thinking about my own run in life
I practiced guitar late into the night

Another dreamless sleep before this April session
Already thinking up verses for the next one

I'll spend the rest of the week packing up my things
moving some shit into a storage place
Back to home depot for boxes and tape
Gotta pack up my Guitar Center SG bass

I hope my landlord makes a pretty penny
All the new kids in my neighborhood bum me out anyway
Who gives a shit, it's triple the rent
But I get to spend every day with my girlfriend

It's just another change, I'm over it
I got a story of my own and who cares? I own it

I visited my friend Christine last week the Mission
I took a trip to her neighborhood to pay her a visit
It was a month or two ago that her dad passed away
In Pasadena, California just outside L.A.

The San Francisco air was misty, rainy and sunny too
a beautiful sky you never get used to
she opened the door to her apartment
and the first thing she said was, “There’s a double rainbow!” so we went to her roof to look at it

And we looked out towards the East Bay
Over Potrero Hill across the water where I used to stay
And there was a rainbow in the sky
And we hung out for a while and then we said goodbye
Track Name: Last Night I Got into an Argument with My Girlfriend About Aziz Ansari
December morning chill
An empty orange bottle on the floor with no more refills
Sunrise 7:10am
Breakfast with my girlfriend

Open the blinds to look outside
Sheets of smooth grey underneath the sky

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve had a little break from travel
Some people think it’s exotic, but it’s lonely and it’s a big hassle
To live in hotels and look out at airplane wings
Missing out on life at home and the little things

Primary physician… Allergists… Ears nose throat…
I just had surgery a few weeks ago
And what a lifesaver Dr. Kenyon has been
For helping me clear up a massive infection

It’s crazy how you let some things float right on by

Vanessa wrote me a doctor’s note
To stay home for a month or so
I guess I needed the rest more than I realized

Western gulls climb high and dive
The morning rain is cold but they don’t seem to mind

The air outside makes me think of home
I’m reminded of Rob Czarneski, The Czar of Guitars
Who died of a tumor in his brain and spinal column
A lot like what happened to my mom

It’s December 5th, 2015, and last night I got into an argument with my girlfriend. We were talking about Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s new series, “Master of None,” when she spoiled the ending of an episode. I felt bad about the whole thing but I know she loves me and she knows I love her, too.

In four days it'll be my mom's birthday. She would have been 65 years old. What would she have thought of that—me getting into some dumb argument about a Netflix comedy series?

After Thanksgiving, we got tickets to fly home to Alaska to spend time with my dad and my brother. I can't wait for her to meet them.

I'm pretty tired, and my girlfriend and I are going to get some tofu and matcha noodles from Mission Chinese Food. It's a little chilly walking back from Tiny Telephone. Everyone's really drunk and wearing onesies. It's about 9:30pm and it's Saturday night.