What Do I Do That Makes You Love Me?

from by Kevin Dickerson

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I woke up and made my girlfriend a latte
But the soy milk was curdled and it grossed her out

And I paid about $600 bucks to process some photos
For the album I’m putting out

Hopefully one photo will work
For Everyone’s Okay
And one more will work
For whatever I’m going to call this EP

I got a ride down to Bayview
To practice some vocal scales
Because you deserve the best well-practiced vocal lines
And after Heather and I went to get lunch at Old J
We shared a vegetarian plate and her boyfriend joined late

We talked about how cruel men
Working for Pinochet
Smashed Victor Jara’s hands
They tossed him out
Like a bag of trash
And filled his body full of lead
The guys who did it
Were found just last year in Florida and arrested

Just last week I was on a rooftop in Mexico City
Looking at an Aztec temple in the middle of downtown
With my girlfriend drinking bottles of water
Tossing a michelada down

My master reels came back from Chicago
For Everyone’s Okay
And they arrived at my front door sometime
While we were on vacation

Who knows for how many days my reels were sitting
In front of my apartment door
Just sitting there in a box on the floor
Of course I got everything else finished up
And neglected the album art, that’s just how my brain works

Last night I saw Ben Gibbard at Davies Hall
Play songs that were bouncing around my head
For twenty years, and me and my girlfriend shared a laugh
When the more excited millennials in the audience whooped
During “What Sarah Said”

Whooping and hollering during a song about someone knocking on death’s door
It made me think of all the ICU and hospital visits I had been on
Not long ago his song would have brought my eyes straight down to the floor
But me and my girl just shared a laugh at the young adults playing dress-up…

Life goes on and on and on

At home I was planning my next move
And realized it was the anniversary of the Orlando Shooting

And not too many days later the helicopters blared all morning
Long, and my girlfriend
Was on the couch and she said there’s a shooter at the UPS building
And General Hospital was locked down
And three people were shot dead

And some crazy motherfucker shot four more
At a baseball game in Alexandria

I turned to you and asked you,
“What do I do that makes you love me?”

Life goes on and on and on and on
Life goes on and on and on and on

My friends welcomed a baby boy into the world
Nine months to the day after their Tahoe wedding
Life goes on and on and on and on

And I pulled a muscle in my back
While at the gym wailing on my lats
And life goes on and on and on and on


from Parque México, released October 6, 2017
Kevin Dickerson - Words, vocals, Spanish guitar
Maryam Qudus - Korg Polysix

Engineered by Maryam Qudus
Mixed to 1/4" tape on Nagra IV-SJ by Maryam Qudus at Best House in Berkeley, California
Recorded at Best House in Berkeley, California and at Dolores House in San Francisco, California
Mastered by Jacob Winik at Tiny Telephone


all rights reserved



Kevin Dickerson San Francisco, California

Kevin Dickerson is a singer-songwriter who lives in San Francisco. His latest full-length album is called "Ginger Grapefruit."

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Photo: Kristin Cofer

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